Wednesday, November 1st, 2017


10 Responses to “Fibonacci Part 2”
  1. P4Tz says:

    Hello, I like the people who invest more of half an hour in populations * g *! Sry by my English, but I am a German man! I study Gann! Fibonacci and Gann are in my opinion, the same! They use the angles, Resistance/Lines of Support, lines of time! The unique thing that what Gann more use is the places! Them test and I must say that they are very useful! I hope to hear of you! Mit freundlichen GrüßenP4Tz

  2. hummer9686 says:

    wow you have a mont? n shit t * on the screen. . .

  3. eodbet says:

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  4. kuberatube says:

    Hi mark thanks for a wonderful tutorial – you’re a great teacher. . a person f? music. Enjoy? the tutorials – Vijay Raghavan

  5. nawkrm says:

    Randomly draw 20 to 50 lines on your screen, and you’d find some of them happen to be supports and resistence. Those are called ” crazy man’s ratios”.

  6. utarian7 says:

    good things but are a different history in time I lost real.tambi

  7. mokemi85 says:

    nice job. . . . next time hope u can teach in the realtime frame i mean the real situation. . . Tell bout the probability and the risk of this tech and the way to handle. . . Boz to got the 61. 8 is not easy as wrote on paper. . .

  8. MYNEWMOKE says:

    fx influence is one of the best v? deos of c? mo trade with lies. i must agree with Hummer. have a mont? n sh # @ on the screen. .

  9. MYNEWMOKE says:

    hillarious. .

  10. bezoris2 says:

    Great stuff. Very clear. Thanks for taking the tiempo.Una question around 4:32 speaks of a confirmation? N of the S-line trend (as a profit target possible?) With 61. 8 fib. I assume you’re drawing the l? Trend line from the bottom right high point l? Original trend line at two points that confirm the trend. .? But why? now? Could you? To explain why? that l? line and point specifically. . . Thanks.

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