Monday, May 23rd, 2016

FLASH CRASH! Watch the Dow Jones drop 560 points in 4 Minutes!!! May 6th 2010

Today was the biggest intraday drop in Dow Jones history. Who knew you could put a 1000 point swing in a 10min you tube video.


21 Responses to “FLASH CRASH! Watch the Dow Jones drop 560 points in 4 Minutes!!! May 6th 2010”
  1. BrotherOrmond says:


  2. freakyandrew1 says:

    why was P&G down 32%?

  3. drumsmetalheavy11 says:

    I remember this, hearing the next day that it was a fat finger theory that caused this technical glich on the dow. man what complete bullshit, it’s todays news then yesterdays memory. These markets are minipulated and rigged. Someone made a shit load of money on that allegedly technical snafu. And it was never investigated.

  4. rugbyf0rlife says:

    lucky for them the PPT were there to save the day

  5. SmokeTheHerb says:

    So they sold off trillions of dollars and then just bought it right back at a discounted price? Man these people.

  6. SMFTrader says:

    I love watching these rats squirm in discomfort!

  7. mookixox says:

    Hahaha the day America officially entered the next great depression and the Illuminati started printing Americas future into Oblivion. It’s amazing how flushing Trillions of dollars down the shit pipe can keep the illusion of an actual economy afloat! MAGIC

  8. TararuaDAK says:

    @andrew09211 A bear market when investors are getting mauled, think about it.

  9. davidlee110 says:

    Who buy a tons of stocks of CBOE and sell it when it hit 60%+
    Lets say you have 1,000 shares.

    $25 x 1,000 = $25,000 BUY — $40 x 1,000 = $40,000 SELL!
    +$15,000 :O

  10. 49fiori says:

    @kerbobalerbo exactly!

  11. mostolesdude says:

    It’s funny how Cramer injected “confidence” on Proctor and Gamble and suddenly the stock price started to go up. You could even argue that Cramer’s call….was not really HIS.
    But who needs conspiracy theories in the stock market, right?

  12. BBCTV122 says:

    According to good sources money from China, Japan, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia to the total of $1.8 Trillion bought into major companies with sweet deals by the US govt to SAVE that day. The exp. on those deals is August 25, 2010 at 2:30pm EDT.

  13. stealthpakfa says:

    new world order at work.
    EVERYONE knows the stock markets ALL around the world are manipulated by the government.

    bond market, mortgage market, etc are all manipulated aswell.

  14. stiehler1117 says:

    It is a documented fact that this was NOT a glitch.

  15. andrew09211 says:

    @kerbobalerbo whats a bear raid?

  16. Rythmboy says:

    Wow. I’ve never seen such an extraordinary manipulation in real time. It all worked like a symphony.

  17. geiko187 says:

    @Jahkillian did you notice the stock market bounced right when he said that?

  18. TheVMFA333 says:

    SKYNET is here!!

  19. Jahkillian says:

    I love how Krammer says ‘ Just go buy it” You first asshole!

  20. kerbobalerbo says:

    They call it a technical glitch I call the biggest bear raid in history…


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