Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Forec Trading | FOREX TRADING right here! Forex Trading Tips & Guide!

The guide to forex trading. Here’s essential information on forex trading. Oil can be traded from anywhere in the world with a free price feed and from $300 capital. Financial trading is big money but 95% lose big time! I would also say that over 95% of the websites are complete BS and anyone with less than 2 years experience is a lamb to the slaughter. Everyone wants to trade Forex because it is hyped up to be the greatest way to make money. Why is oil so good? Because we trade one thing from one chart and get two or three clear signals a trading day with a very high success rate. We get totally unambiguous signals with no repainting and have simple, exact rules – follow them and you can make a good profit nine out of ten months with very low risk. Oil is the most traded commodity in the world, yet few non-professional trade it!


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