Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Forex and Futures Day Trading System E-Book Released!

E-BOOK JUST RELEASED! Day Trade just this one powerful daily setup. Over the last 20 years I have mastered this specific setup in the futures and forex markets.This setup comes up almost everyday right at the New York open. Very tight stop with huge moves. Look how we nailed 20 points on a recent S&P500 trade with a 6 tick stop. No indicators required. This E-book is designed to teach you a powerful setup that the top hedge funds, institutions and elite day traders execute in the currency markets and the futures markets on a daily basis. If you trade the S&P500 futures(ES), Nasdaq Futures(NQ), Russell 2000(TF), Crude Oil(CD),Dow Futures(YM), Bonds(ZB), Euro(EC or EUR/USD), British Pound(BP or GBP/USD) or any other Forex or Currencies then this setup is for you. Visit www.symmetryindicators.com and play the video and click the E-Book tab on the website for more information. I generously share with all you fellow traders, this trading strategy in a simple format for the veteren 30 year trader and/or the day trader that is just starting out that needs an edge in the markets. You can email me the markets that you trade and I’ll send you over current charts on how the setup works on those markets. You can buy the E-Book at www.symmetryindicators.com under the Buy Now button.

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