Monday, September 11th, 2017

Forex Channel Trading.wmv

A video on trading Forex Channels and how to discover where price is likely to break the channel. Visit for more techniques on learning how to trade forex, price action techniques, trade signals, private mentoring, forex trading, forex training, advanced chart reading skills,…

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4 Responses to “Forex Channel Trading.wmv”
  1. SecondSkies says:

    Hello of Gaza, If you happen through the video and to do again exactly what she has said – to cut the flight, you will be able to see the following; 13 candles in the channel superior (41. 9%) 18 candles in the low part of the channel (58%) Total 31Por as much are no the same amount of action of the prices in both times. This it is the point of the method – to find these atmospheres, with a quantitative difference and in this case 17% are much what rupture suggests it that comes will be. I hope that this aid and the commerce of the good luck!

  2. SilverShamrock71 says:

    Chris, just using this on eurusd right now combined with a test of the 100 day SMA, but how effective is it on 5 and 15 minute charts? In your opinion. . .


  3. SecondSkies says:

    Tr @ SilverShamrock71Hola? Bowl of silver in the time frames m? S small to will have? to be m? s selective, but the background is the model is still effective. I have a video showing what time under 1 minute and works. The model is essentially plazos.Espero effective in all this helps and good luck trading! Chris CAPRE

  4. SilverShamrock71 says:

    @SecondSkies That’s great Chris, I guess truly learning to read PA is a matter of putting in lots and lots of chart time, I must say that I’ve picked up some great ideas from your videos that I’m working into my technique. Thanks. . .

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