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Forex Daily Outlook April 23, 2010

Hi everyone, Another mixed day for the dollar as it gained ground against the majors, mostly against the EUR and the CHF. With economic data released better than expected out of the EZ, the main story is still about the Greek spreads over German bonds, now exceeding 500 points. We continue to expect the euro to lose ground against all the majors. News just a few minutes ago as I was writing this update, Pimco s El-Erian spoke about Greece, giving traders a reason to sell the currency, as he shed more negative light on the situation. No video until later, right before the London session. Currently traveling and will be back at the office in a bit. Looking forward to updating you. Ifyoud like a more detailed analysis with potential trade opportunities during our live trading session, please join us in the members area. Please visit us at

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