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11 Responses to “Forex en Colombia”
  1. colombia2234 says:

    recommend it is the most wonderful is this a company of 14 years and working with the banking world that got my dad since 2007 and if I received your winnings and invested and it’s great is not a pyramid is registered in the bank the Republic of Colombia and Panama which is the center of global banking for Latin America can send all the dollars from a bank is phenomenal.

  2. OswaldoJurado says:

    No, but that you say to me of an unexpected change of plans. Now I review that monthly 18% do not pay if not lowers that it to 14%, that gives bad thorn me. And they want to cover the change of plan of 18% with a variable stranger plan of until 30%. I am sincere gives much distrust me. Sera that estan losing and is called on to them to reingeniar its plans. If you were so amiable respondeme please?

  3. chiflamico says:

    ÂIf I put 1 million pesos, whatever I am going to have in 6 months?

  4. cristian0503 says:

    parce no god. . this is not a pyramid is not q eto gets you money and give you back. . q must first inform q that’s good for other countries are ahead of us I live in the usa and the vast majority of people work in forex investments and personal I’ve been doing for two years taking 4000 dollars a month the key is you have q q study forex investment and perform it yourself from your personal computer is not giving money to someone to multiply q it does not work

  5. cristian0503 says:

    if you want to write me here and I advise you and explain how it works NLE pa q change your life as I now keep relaxed between Miami and Colombia

  6. andy80186 says:

    este video es una real tonteria, quieren DE VERDAD conocer las causas del problema? vean el documental ZEITGEIST Y ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM

  7. arrechavengo says:

    … you are not going to have nothing! … estarÃs doing row in dmg to beg that they give back to something of your inversià ³ to you n! jajajajaja

  8. NICOPAEZ08 says:

    Hello cristian0503, since this year I’ve been interested in the forex market but as it became very fashionable this, is people taking advantage and ends scamming people, I like to know how you work with this market and if there Colombia the possibility of a life-changing forex, thank you for your attention.

  9. NICOPAEZ08 says:

    Hola colombia2234, me interesa mucho invertir en este mercado, en que forex invierte? en serio le agradeceria enormente la informacion.

  10. colombia2234 says:

    hey mi papa esta en forex desde hace 15 años y con ecelentes resultados hasi que hagasnos un favor no hables si no sabes que es de verdad eso gracias

  11. Paige says:

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