Monday, January 22nd, 2018

FOREX London Session Video July 25th, 2007

The FX market was quite active ever since the previous London/NY closing, with so many trade setups it was difficult to keep up with them all. In this video we focus on just one of the many setups we displayed during our FX Bootcamp classroom. The GBP/CHF had started a nice uptrend during the Tokyo session and offered several re-entry opportunities, the last of which was during our London session, then extending another 100 pips afterwards for a very rewarding day. Weekly pivot points proved vital for our targeting.

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2 Responses to “FOREX London Session Video July 25th, 2007”
  1. coolnine9 says:

    Great v? Deo Chris. Thanks for showing us the t? Technique three minutes Estoc entry? Wrap. Dave

  2. Vegas5 says:

    Cheers Chris,

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