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Forex Made Easy : 6 Ways to Trade the Dollar

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The first plain-English introduction to foreign currency exchange trading–one of today’s hottest profit opportunities The foreign currency market is the largest financial market in the world, and foreign exchange trading is quickly becoming one of today’s most high-profile, potentially lucrative markets. One problem is that books on the topic are complex, technically dense, and difficult for Forex novices to grasp. FOREX Made Easy is the first book to ap… More >>

Forex Made Easy : 6 Ways to Trade the Dollar

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5 Responses to “Forex Made Easy : 6 Ways to Trade the Dollar”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I found the book to be fast paced and very informative. After reading some of the negative reviews it seems like they are all posted by the same person. Someone that hadn’t even read the whole book. My views: The book will show you how to trade the Foreign Exchange and goes into advanced techniques. This is important if you want to protect your money while trading the Forex. I will note that different types of software are mentioned, but in reality there are probably 100 other companies flogging their wares. I did a free trial of the software James discussed and it worked quite well.

    I would also recommend trading for a living and reminses of a stock operator for more on trading psycology.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Jenn says:

    LOL, it is hilarious reading the reviews on here, they are obviously competitors of James Dicks’ new AI software and are going to be soon put out of business because of how lame their software is compared to James Dicks’. I have 4X Made Easy and just bought the new AI software and the AI software is so much better than 4X Made Easy, it isn’t even close. I invite everyone to compare versus and see for themselves. 4X Made Easy has their slick presenations all over the country but their technical support and customer support is lousy, I’ve called and no one ever answers. The product is a joke. All these posters are idiots who are going to be out of jobs soon so everyone keep that in mind when you read their ignorant reviews.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Steve D says:

    I was hesitant to buy the book at first after seeing all the negative customer reviews about the book on here, but I am definitely glad I did. Mr. Dicks does a really great job of explaining the ForEx market and ways to be successful at it. If you read the reviews, you would think ALL he talks about is his company and products, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. He talks about his product and other companies’ similar products and lets the reader/potential trader decide which is best for them. He hardly mentions it at all; he focuses on teaching trading strategies. There is one chapter where he talks about the free trade station and how you can get it from his PremiereTrade site and explains the basics of the trade station, which will be the same for other companies’ trade stations. I GUARANTEE that a single person wrote all those negative reviews who was either a fired employee of Mr. Dicks or was an ignorant PremiereTrade customer who probably didn’t follow Mr. Dicks’ trading advice and lost money and now they are trying to get back at him and his company by posting the reviews. I just think it’s unfair to all potential readers of his book and Mr. Dicks to have all this garbage on here preventing people from reading a really good book about the ForEx market and trading strategies with it. I wish Amazon would publicly display the IP addresses of people who write reviews so everyone can see that the same person or people post the same type reviews over and over pretending to be other people because they are lame and have no life.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Forex New User says:

    I just started trading the FOREX and this book gave me a great deal of information about the Market. This book is very informative and I highly recommend it to all FOREX users. I also own and am very happy with the 4X Made Easy software and subscribe to the James Dicks PremiereFX Alerts.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. R Volberg says:

    You may have noticed that the reviews on this book vary a lot. This depends on where you come from in your approach to learning about the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. James Dicks is the president of 4X Made Easy, a company which markets a proprietary piece of software which allows/helps individuals to trade the Forex market. This is not an exhaustive (and expensive) textbook like Cornelius Luca’s book, but rather an introduction for the layman who is finding out about the Forex and trying to decide if he/she wants to trade there, and who wants a good general understanding of what’s involved in trading and how it works. (By the way, the product may also be useful for more experienced professionals – there are comments from some of them on the Yahoo conference the company sponsors.)

    I have been learning about James and his company and software for several months and bought the book to learn more as I prepare to get the software and enter this market. 4X Made Easy (or 4XME) is one of several software products for traders sold under the umbrella of GlobalTec Solutions. (see & 4XME is the newest product, and has been out for a year or so. Fortunately, the parent company has been in business for 6-8 years, and has developed a good track record. Many testimonials attest to great customer service for all their products, and at their events you can meet people who have been successfully and enthusiastically using their WizeTrade stock software for years. This really boosts the credibility factor of the 4XME product for me.

    The Forex market is big and dynamic and looks like a great divesification opportunity. This book is just a part of the picture. It is primarily useful as a good introduction to the subject and for its clear presentation of varying trading styles. The company offers a great deal of additional training and support, from newsletters to discussion groups to live daily webcasts to those who take the step to actually buying and using their product. By the way, I am not in any way affiliated with this company!!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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