Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Forex News Day Trading Signal – 08/07/07

This is one of my forex trading signals videos where I share my forex trading system by forecasting which forex news events are coming up next and how to trade them.

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6 Responses to “Forex News Day Trading Signal – 08/07/07”
  1. 77y82 says:

    Thanks Felix !!!!!!

  2. tampa411 says:

    thanks, cabrà ³ n

  3. FOREXGUMP10 says:

    I wish you were living here in Amsterdam Felix. Thanks for all your time. Peace, Boyd Kletter

  4. dkp02 says:

    Thanks Felix- another good commentary!

  5. majicsp says:

    Felix your full of crap. . You are not a trader but a fake living of subscriptions. People ask for legimate proof and he will ignore you!

  6. Scottsignal says:

    Everybody can learn of currencies without having pasà ³ perhaps hundreds of thousands of dà ³ lares. Aquà you can find many things: he frees forex-things. blogspot. com_mycheapstuff. blogspot. com_Goodluck and the happy commerce!

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