Monday, February 2nd, 2015

FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – May 4, 2007

The headline numbers were bad for the USD. There was no revision. Therefore, the dollar had little support and fell. The market moved quickly to the next level of resistance and stopped. A straight forward breakout trade. Live FOREX Training | All Day | Everyday!

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8 Responses to “FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – May 4, 2007”
  1. zebaustin says:

    conservative and repeatable. . . . . . no sweat trading!! What more can you ask for. This isnt easy yet BOOTCAMP does this day in and day out!

  2. leepakim says:

    anÃlisis of great.

  3. computerguy9002 says:

    This is all hindsight. Wayne gave no trade signals during the NFP release. Even a five year old kid can trade in hindsight.

  4. fxbootcamp says:

    It is true that sound was dropped at that time, but I did draw the resistance line 4 minutes before we broke through it. It was very clear we were setting up for a breakout trade. There was nothing special about this trade. Its something I coach all the time. But it certainly was not hindsight.

  5. AngeloFleming says:

    I have been negotiating with Wayne LIVE during about 6 months. an

  6. thewolfpack6nations says:

    wild. the pump of its man. sincere. honest. until the point. perfect

  7. Scottsignal says:

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  8. smartforextrader says:

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