Thursday, April 16th, 2015


10 Responses to “Forex: price of a point”
  1. fsuliveres says:

    Great Presentaci

  2. TraderBrian says:

    Excellent video. You at some time of your lessons include necessary the emotional control for the commerce (as the money is a very emotional subject for the majority of people)? Peculiar. .TraderBrianInsideOutTrading

  3. nataliru says:

    This it is a point interesting. Thanks. You think that it is good idea to teach to control the emotions? There would be some result?

  4. krasniluk says:

    You can watch this video in full and the rest in the Forex Insight series completely free. Just go to the Forex Club website and register with Forex Insight.

  5. eodbet says:

    This video is great and I give it 5 stars. For more videos that are also very informative and some free forex trading software visit my channel here on youtube or search for eodbet. I just gave up my complete strategy for using a simple 3 day pivot roll and walked you though a 60+ pip trade I done recently.
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  6. forexbooksonline says:

    Nice video. . good presentation.

  7. cool70200 says:

    since these are some nice videos, but a state forex traders nice? ? Cu? Much money forex? Success rake merchants and cu? Nt it take to start?

  8. creatingideas says:

    I like pair GJ GU ang only the most powerful pair and the most active pair in or day 1000 can be obtained pip for the pair of Japan

  9. creatingideas says:

    how long already ur exp on forex

  10. DonRG1 says:

    U duty? An attempt to put n? Merely from their videos be? better or? of qu? good if u watch this video and was lost? the first part.

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