Thursday, November 16th, 2017

forex signals

In the video I explain how I got a forex signal to trade gbp news on friday according to my news forex signals trading strategy and made a profit of 389 pips buying eur/gbp and selling gbp/aud. I still have gbp/chf one position open which has more than 250 pips of profit. I made just a little bit over 1000 pips this week. To find out more about my forex signals strategies read my article at:

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9 Responses to “forex signals”
  1. ikwanto says:

    `t can listen what they say.

  2. fibo777 says:

    Good, review I it and everything is well with the sound. Therefore, I do not know why it cannot listen to the sound. Perhaps it has listened my old woman videos. At the outset it did not know how to fix my audio one. So there is to increase the volume of my old woman videos. I hope that this helped.

  3. mtdvs says:

    I do appreciate you being willing to show your trading. Obviously, you’re having tremendous success and that’s great. However, your wispering, low voice, and continual “smacking” while making your videos makes it IMPOSSIBLE to listen to. Sorry, but I just can’t watch these videos.

  4. fibo777 says:

    I am still working on that. Sorry. Hope they will be able possible to listen to one day. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Kellyg218 says:

    Gimme a goddamn break NFP spike and your a genius!

  6. fibo777 says:

    to @Kellyg218

  7. laton2010 says:

    dont take me wrong guys, but ni indicator makes money in this financial jungle, people making money on this, have some more tricks than indicators they dont reveal.

  8. fibo777 says:


    Everybody can take time and study price history and find out what those tricks are.

  9. rolisinasg says:

    Very good analysis. By the way, i can hear everything he says, so maybe you guys check your sound options. Don’t know, why others cant hear the voice of financial guru :) Well, fibo 777, you could speak a little bit louder, but overall it’s ok with me.

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