Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Forex Trading – Anatomy of a Scalp

Get forex trading signals with, learn to trade forex and get forex trading strategies from Boris Schlossberg Kathy Lien

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7 Responses to “Forex Trading – Anatomy of a Scalp”
  1. BTrull says:

    Thanks as always Boris, me (novice) feel better, even professionals, travel from time to time in its leather cabelludo.Saludos

  2. BKTraderFx says:

    All the trips:) The key is to return in the game

  3. tiq23 says:

    Thanks Boris. What market do you feel comfortable trading? Asia, Euro or US?

  4. BKTraderFx says:

    I trade from 4 AM – 4PM New York time as Europe and North America intersect

  5. sellkobayashi says:

    Look at your BB m? All of speculations? N working increasingly USD JPY. . I use Metatrader Indicators: AREA HIGH LOW RAT TRO = 2 pips Inversi

  6. sellkobayashi says:

    also when TP is not struck, but I only close to take what I can obtain greedy i did not want to thank to him to you for the video and attention will let know to i dont him which says people on its method works for my. good i commerce luck sometimes uses " center of gravedad" of TP when in the 4 hours


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