Monday, February 9th, 2015

Forex Trading – Classic 00 Scalping

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4 Responses to “Forex Trading – Classic 00 Scalping”
  1. BTrull says:

    Thanks Boris
    For news events trading on GFT’s platform, I have found more success with the 3 minute candles for your BB setup and the News event trades. Not sure how GFT gives a better spread on the eur/gbp than the gbp/usd ?

  2. BKTraderFx says:

    GFT motor takes is one of the best in the world. Constant euros extends even during news / GBP is always tighter than GBP / USD in itself due to the lower volatility

  3. bolytinus says:

    Hello Boris, Please shed more light on this for me, when the U.S. figure Durable come out weaker than expected, I think this should affect the dollar thus making the dollar’s weakness against the pound. Can you explain why there is an upward rally after the news on GBP / USD. Thank you.

  4. BTrull says:

    Thanks for the reply; that makes sense. I only see the spread increase by 1 pip during big news releases, at most 2 pips

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