Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Forex Trading – High Probability Profit in 00 – Trade Time Not Price

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6 Responses to “Forex Trading – High Probability Profit in 00 – Trade Time Not Price”
  1. placeinheaven says:

    Thanks for posting the videos. Will you be making any commentary about the upcoming ECB meeting? It appears to me at least that things may be very volitile next week.

  2. BKTraderFx says:

    Yes most likely on CNBC on Monday

  3. pipsondemand says:

    boris, can i ask do you trade the 0 through every zero situation, i. e 10,20. 30 etc or just the 00 big figure ? many thanks in advance mark.

  4. BKTraderFx says:

    00 and 50 levels

  5. pipsondemand says:

    Thanks Boris :-)


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