Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Forex Trading – Three Strikes and You Are In! Scalp

Get forex trading signals with, learn to trade forex and get forex trading strategies from Boris Schlossberg Kathy Lien

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10 Responses to “Forex Trading – Three Strikes and You Are In! Scalp”
  1. rnp1thx says:

    Thanks again!

  2. tekmnd says:

    Well explained, Thanks

  3. dougoo6 says:

    Really enjoyed it – another great one!

  4. jnevins says:

    Thanks Boris! I saw your SFO article. . . I appreciate what you are doing here. . . .

  5. MrYousaywhat says:

    Boris: Great simple technique. Question – Would you use in another calendar or 15 minutes or 30 minutes? and it works the other way to sell ie, 3 is closed?

  6. Vanmojo999 says:

    After the spread you’ll only make 9 pips at most on the EUR/USD (8 pips at GFT). So you’re paying a handsome commission/expense of about 10% to 30%!

  7. BKTraderFx says:

    Vanmojo999 :”

    Absolutely correct that’s why you need to be accurate 70% of the time to overcome transaction costs

  8. jnevins says:

    My favorite TF is 5 min. also. Thislesson is a good reminder about rubber band theory. Price can go out on these excursions but always needs to seek equilibrium. Also a good lesson in the necessity of having an agile mindset as a trader. I love that you start the video with the statement that you of all folks is here to remind everyone that fundamentals isn’t everything on these short term opportunities!

  9. BKTraderFx says:

    RFLOL – thanks for the kind words. I believe that to be good trader you need to be mindful of both techs and funda – that why its so hard

  10. dhanjots says:

    Hello Boris,

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