Monday, April 6th, 2015

Forex Trading #45: Becoming a Forex Trading Strategist http Stephen Story talks about the ultimate state of where you need to be as a Forex trader … a “Strategist.” And, he uses on of his students, Darrick, to show how it is done. Darrick demonstrates some remarkable trading for a one day stint.

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5 Responses to “Forex Trading #45: Becoming a Forex Trading Strategist”
  1. FXEliteTrader says:

    is that a real account?

  2. elmcityintl says:

    S?. . . it is. . . I was quoted quite heavy. . . Lot of charge as they call it. . very risky. . . I do not like the trade that often. . . When you see it, gatta take it. . . almost any disposition? n of credence in retail. . .

  3. romish12 says:

    that agent or EE.UU.?

  4. romish12 says:

    which broker u use?

  5. maxdecimus88 says:

    “Becoming a strategy trader rich.” . . that makes sense.

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