Friday, February 13th, 2015

Forex Trading #50: Forex Forums, Forex Resources, Forex Strategy http Stephen Story gives a tip about Forex Trading Forums, and a nice list of some of the best ones. They are a valuable resource where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, and learn Forex Strategies from others … or even answer questions and be of assistance yourself. There is a large and friendly community of forex traders both old and new. Join in on the discussions and become a part of it.

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4 Responses to “Forex Trading #50: Forex Forums, Forex Resources, Forex Strategy”
  1. ragstorichesforex says:

    EXCELLENT small or video.

  2. maxdecimus88 says:

    Stephen, i would like to say a massive thank you for presenting all your valuable trading knowledge here on YouTube. I have learnt a lot after watching all 50 of your excellent videos. In a matter of days i have gone from, “I’ll use my EA robot and teach myself to trade” TO “Where do i sign up for coaching?” I hope to be in touch again in due course.

  3. ForexCoachingPros says:

    Thanks for your feedback. Be? happy to talk with you about the training as soon as est? ready. . . . Stephen Story

  4. xaviercryss says:

    Hello Esteban, I have seen all the 50 great videos that you have done, like a novice who helps much. Thank you very much to share its knowledge. Good work. God blesses to you.

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