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11 Responses to “Forex Trading Online”
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  4. atlast247 says:

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  6. forexbody says:

    Too bad they can not trade with eToro software without assigning a stop-loss, so the Forex market played in Las Vegas. Read what I wrote about the loss of forexbody stop (.) Com / forex-strategy. html

  7. giorgio79 says:

    If you are serious about trading forex online, for a profitable forex robot check out

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  9. ismailtumz says:

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  11. eToro Team says:

    The automatic stop loss on the eToro platform is there to prevent beginners (who are more likely to trade in eToro’s visual mode, which includes the forex marathon arena seen in the video) from losing all their money. eToro does offer other solutions to professional traders. All you have to do is contact us and we will provide you with more advanced trading options.

    We wish you all a profitable and enjoyable trading experience,
    The eToro Team

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