Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Forex training “Using Fibonacci retracement levels”(

Learn Forex, Fibonacci Inner levels (

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11 Responses to “Forex training “Using Fibonacci retracement levels”(”
  1. dokweed says:

    Very interesting. ! I’ve only seen Fibo’s used in a very basic way and I’ve never seen them used this way before.

    I need to re-watch this video several times to get it down better, but I think it is something that could possibly be a big help in my trading. Thanks for posting this!

  2. BoBokus says:

    Your satisfaction? N

  3. koopa45lt says:

    can somebody help me with the configuration of level of Fibo? I cannot obtain that it emphasized as I see in this video in metatrader.gracias.

  4. badboyardiedem says:

    hhmmm ! very intersting .

  5. nictycaram says:

    Thanks BoBokus, I will be joining soon.

  6. nictycaram says:

    This is nice. If properly done you could have loads of entries all day /night long! Never ending!

  7. BoBokus says:

    We’ll be looking forward to you joining us then.

  8. BoBokus says:

    You dont necessarily want to take each one, price action and market sentiment all have their hand in which trades you would want to take. Sell into weakness and buy into strength in each pair

  9. BoBokus says:

    Im glad you could find something useful from it

  10. jimprice09 says:

    It LOOK SO easy when you explain it :)


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