Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

FOREX Training Course – lesson 2 : (The basic system) This is a video overview of the system I use. Brilliant for beginners, and a guide to where to start trading in the FOREX market. It outlines how to pick high probability trading using MACD as a filter. I cover TC (Trend Continuation) & CT (Counter Trend) signal examples. My trading background is discussed together with how you might go about finding a system which fits your personality and lifestyle. 2

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9 Responses to “FOREX Training Course – lesson 2 : (The basic system)”
  1. sionsmith says:

    For chart setup see lesson 1.

    Stop Losses (SL) and Target Profits (TP) are covered in lesson 3.

  2. bsdpowa says:

    I guess this is H4, qu? par? meters to be used in the MACD?

  3. sionsmith says:

    This is H4 time frame. MACD settings are

    Fast EMA 5
    Slow EMA 13
    Signal SMA 1

  4. cabletrader says:

    Lagging oscillators always look great after the event but aren’t a practical trading aid.

    MA based indicators, like a lot of indicators, work fine in a clearly trending market but fail miserably in a ranging market.

    For every entry signal that leads to a profitable trade you’ll find one that leads to a loss.

    Anyone considering following this system would be strongly advised to test it thoroughly on DEMO first.

  5. mgryga says:

    This system is well tested on Forex Factory. It works fine.

  6. cabletrader says:

    No offence but I’d still suggest people check it on DEMO first and not take anyone else’s word that it “works fine”. Systems like this are everywhere but no-one EVER seems to post any advance calls or trading blotters, it’s all retrospective results.

    Like I already said it looks great on historical data but in a live market environment you’ll probably find it lags too much ie late entries, smaller targets, wider stops.

    It’s up to you how you spend your money, I’m just warning you is all.

  7. sionsmith says:

    I completely agree, lagging oscillators & indicators look great after the event, that is not what i’m teaching!

    Candlestick patterns, how the market reacts around certain levels fibs / pivots / EMA’s is what i’m trying to show here.

    Watch the video at the end I explain that the system works best in trending markets and that you need to identify what state the market is in before trading. It can be used in ranges, your stops and target must be much tighter.


  8. buffer50 says:

    Hi Sion, Congratulations on your teaching? Dence for all of us, keep up the good work, anyway? Have any way to tell when they have released a new video on the site of tube you as is? It receives an electronic mail ? unique weekly TubeGraciasPablo You

  9. calderone4x says:

    Very helpful video.

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