Saturday, March 25th, 2017

FOREX Training Course – lesson 4 : (Market Rhythm & Momentum) This is a video lesson about how to identify market rhythm, when a market is trending and periods of consolidation. It covers a range of trading techniques which can should be used in the different market scenarios that you can experience when a full time trader.

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8 Responses to “FOREX Training Course – lesson 4 : (Market Rhythm & Momentum)”
  1. sionsmith says:

    This is lesson 4 even tho I say its 5

  2. JD6934 says:

    Great video Sion! Your works is much appreciated.

  3. louisripley999 says:

    Great Videos Sion – I want that room? To see these two months ago. . . . . . . . . . . . . been learning how dif? easy, lamentablementePor Please keep it coming!

  4. thedouglaswhite says:

    More on western technicals would be great.


    LOL. . . . You are definitely a trader. Look at that chart. That is a chart only a trader could love. Thank you for what you do for traders!

  6. mytharamou says:

    it’s amazing how u keep an eye on the overall situation in every trade you set up. Where did you learn so much about Elliot Wave Theory? Could you suggest any books?
    What do you thing about applying the moving averages of the 4h chart on a 1h chart? I prefer this because the MAs of the 4h chart are more trustworthy
    than of the 1h chart.
    I appreciate a lot your work . Thanks

  7. Rasinwest says:

    youtube com / user / DelfinFx


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