Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

FOREX Training | FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – March 9, 2007

Today’s NFP # came out as expected, but once again, the previous months results were drastically revised upward. This gave strength to the USD. A Fib Retracement predicted a Fib Extension that overlapped a key Support Pivot Point. This convergence was a great profit target for a conservative and repeatable trade. LIVE FOREX TRAINING | EVERYDAY! WWW.FXBOOTCAMP.COM

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8 Responses to “FOREX Training | FOREX Non-Farm Payrolls – March 9, 2007”
  1. MyStrangeMind says:

    Good tir? No, but the Bulls USD achieve? cream probably pr? Next week. There are plenty n of factors contributing to this possibility.

  2. sambar1313 says:

    nice call

  3. GallantFX says:

    Im bullish the Dollar now. . . . was at the begining of the day and will continue on until the end of March.

  4. onokira says:

    I am in the real one of operations to fxstreet also. that is a great event. Wayne thanks much. I believe that all you to see the video of Wayne, him are due at least to support in writing any commentary or valuation. You do not limit yourself to see and go like leecher.

  5. CHINDA81 says:

    great job

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  8. smartforextrader says:

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