Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

FOREX Training Video | New York Session March 10, 2008

Comments made during a speech by European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet triggered a lower low for the EUR/USD during the first hour of today’s New York session. Although the pullback did provide a logical entry point for a short trade, the euro failed to extend lower on a day devoid of major US news. The yen crosses, mostly mixed through the first half of the session, surged lower across the board as equity markets sold off following a new record high in oil prices. Traders who took a short trade entry on the GBP/JPY at the re-test of European session lows, then saw a classic two-speed move — price first riding the Bollinger Band, then riding the 5 ema. Those who took profit at today’s M1 pivot point netted about 140 pips.

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5 Responses to “FOREX Training Video | New York Session March 10, 2008”
  1. onokira says:

    interesting, thanks for briefing

  2. fxbootcamp says:

    A comment recently posted on this video has been deleted due to its use of vulgarity.

    We not only welcome, but encourage expression of views which differ from those expressed in the videos we post. However, all comments — whether in praise or in criticism of our videos — must meet our standards for professionalism.

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  4. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

  5. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

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