Sunday, June 28th, 2015


This could be a critical week for the Euro. Current price action suggests we are poised to break further to the downside to the lower 1.30 range. Do not discount however what would happen if we were to long long from here. It could be the other extreme of 1.50 and further. Lets take a depper look at whats going on.

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5 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – ASIAN OUTLOOK MARCH 22ND 2010”
  1. kjguest30 says:

    Greetings Rob

  2. nirgle says:

    start 0:39

  3. ashag28 says:

    thanks Kiwi.

  4. uynfyu says:

    + all the razà ³ n of his to at the outset elaborate tredline from the part superior of December in febuary, lÃnea of tendency that rompià ³ in march and that creates abrupt increase of the loss and until 1.54:) but todavÃa weekly seems mà muchs down nevertheless. ….

  5. chinoski78 says:

    Thanks Rob

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