Monday, February 9th, 2015


Hey everybody, for this outlook I concentrate on the Aussie USD, it’s looking like a day to be conservative for sure. I’m expecting a day of volatile consolidation. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the analysis!! David Pegler

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5 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK JUNE 02 2010”
  1. campodetrading says:

    David thanks, the analysis of Nize on aussie. rally of gold already AUDUSD can go later.

  2. sakuraPK1 says:

    study very well after long time, i to learn of you by this education 10 mint

  3. b2fnow says:

    Thanks for the video, David, as always. I had hoped you would at least mention the EUR or GBP. Like what happened on that monster rise in the GBP at 6:00 am yesterday. That’s an unusual time for a ramp. And then the EUR catapulted into 9:00 am. What is this? Is it just short covering, or intervention?

  4. dgib1038 says:

    Thanks David good analysis. I believe yesterday was good news vs bad and I believe we will see more of this sort of thing moving forward. Nice video I enjoyed it! :)

  5. b2fnow says:

    Thanks for the Twitter update. Wondered if i was the only one waiting for direction. Been wanting to ask you about all the candle tails and whipsaw bars on GBP. Lots of long one min bars (10 or 15 pts) going both directions in one min, especially forex futures – running stops? I’ve been trading GBP for 4 yrs; this is something new.

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