Saturday, June 27th, 2015


Hi everyone, for this outlook I concentrate on the Euro USD and Aussie USD. Im expecting a small fight around some key technical levels for both pairs but once we have picked a direction I anticipate some good trading. Very simple analysis; some Fibonacci use, price action and visual support and resistance. Good luck!! David Pegler

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  1. domg1955 says:

    some good ideas as always it seems. Thanks David

  2. chinoski78 says:

    Thanks David

  3. SpacenJasset says:


  4. semya79 says:

    thanks David

  5. Chance411 says:

    Should be an interesting week.

    The EU has announced they will possibly bailout Greece under condition that Greece will cut its deficit. Whether this is posturing or not is up in the air. I lean toward posturing as what else can they say,

    Soros and other hedge fund managers are targeting the demise of the euro and are adding shorts.

    Should mean some wild swings either way.

    Place your bets and keep those stoplosses tight :) .

  6. rsparks11 says:

    You can waste my time with a whole lot of elaborate analysis any time David. You will be saving me a whole lot of $ by stopping me from opening stupid trades. Keep up the good work Coach. I look forward to a compilation Vid of your best trade plans.

  7. JerryLeeC1 says:

    “waste my time” — are you proofing your posts?

    I think DPegler ranks at the top of the analysts, and I watc h, listen, and take notes on those happy days when he provides us insights and tools.

  8. rsparks11 says:

    Sorry, Jerry, I was quoting from his Vid today. He said he didn’t want to “waste our time with. . . . . “. My comment meant to imply I value his comments to the extent he could never waste my time and I wish he would give as much assistance as possible. Don’t want to go all “Misery” on a public forum but I am one of Davids biggest fans

  9. huttonp1 says:

    Thanks for the analysis of the aussie David. I know that you’re primarily conducting technical analysis, but it might also be pertinent to mention the RBA rate decision due at 03:30GMT, since events also have the ability to move currency pairs pretty significantly. Cheers

  10. fxbootcamp says:

    Thanks for the remarks guys, I think we due for some good moves, should be an interesting day. Good luck!! David

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