Thursday, December 28th, 2017


Hey everybody, this Friday video covers Cable and the Aussie USD. Some simple analysis employed for these trade plans. Good luck and have a great weekend!! David Pegler

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10 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK MAY 25TH 2010”
  1. dgib1038 says:

    Thanks David as always enjoyed the video. Have a good Memorial Weekend :)

  2. asj7771 says:

    The DX failed to make a new hi and made lower lo. That tells me USD might have trouble ahead. I agree and hope we are both right. Was hoping for more focus on EUR/USD, the most traded pair. Good analysis and hope to hear from u more.

  3. z978ady says:

    And, euro/usd, similar idea, looking for a buy set up London, as more shorts cover end of week and minor trend up into next sell set up before middle next week.

  4. b2fnow says:

    Great insight, thanks for the video. Have a safe holiday.

  5. minfactor83 says:

    Thanks ~ have your twitter pretty well thanks!

  6. forextko says:

    Thanks again for making sense of everything.

  7. B4BVR says:

    David – its the simple stuff that makes your youtube posts so good !!

  8. traderbaby says:


  9. ForexStrategySecrets says:

    Thanks for the video and information

  10. torontobboy21 says:

    great video. . . much better than that 1 minute chart analysis from curt

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