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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – December 11, 2009

The EUR/JPY long from yesterdays double bottom continued to perform throughout late Asia into Pre-London. This actually ended up creating a legitimate higher low on the Daily chart. In this video I break down in it’s entirety why I had good reason to believe the EUR/JPY would continue to rise throughout the London session today. Using things like MACD divergence on the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY, price trap breaks, the USD index, correlated JPY weakness, and of course our good friend Fibonacci to come to these conclusions. All of this led to a nice long opportunity just prior to me taking the mic for the London session today, yet in the video I also break down the additional 2nd chance long entry after this, which we covered live in the London session as it occurred. This trade ultimately just continued to make short term higher highs and higher lows all throughout the London session, riding the 5 ema all night long on the 15m chart. This netted us a nice 70 or so pip trade from the 2nd chance entry by the time London trades went off to lunch. Not too shabby. Have a great weekend! FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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10 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – December 11, 2009”
  1. vam1996 says:

    Thank a lot Chris . . . you make it simple and logical

  2. brigggo says:

    Thanks for the explanations, Chris!

  3. tainguyen01 says:

    How do you change to the local time at the bottom of the chart in Meta?
    Thank you,

  4. xgoa says:

    very nice setup :)

  5. bluestar007 says:

    Very good analysis, thank you

  6. BestGlide says:

    Chris: Thanks for the review and revision. I watch these videos almost every day but rarely post comments (I should post more often – my excuse is that I’m usually too busy working and trade to allow time to compose and write a review). Although I have learned to trade from many sources, the coaching staff fxbootcamp have provided by far the strongest, most useful training. A significant amount of money I won in the negotiations is the result of what I learned from the vids fxbc = Thanks.

  7. fpricardo says:

    Thank you, Chris

  8. hussamrefaat says:

    am a rookie and i like your trading technique guys and bunch of thanks , but i was wondering if too many people are using the same techniques and tactics wont these tactics FAIL ??

  9. fxbootcamp says:

    People are not mainly due to poor trader psychology at some point

  10. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

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