Sunday, December 17th, 2017

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – July 14, 2010

London was a bit stuffy today as trading goes. We had some late pre-London trades as well as some trades right at the open which paid reasonable pips but nothing huge, things look a tad exhausted and likely need US retail sales to come out to give us more fuel. However, as London was into it’s first hour we had failed yet again to make higher highs on the yen pairs and that Did demand attention. In this video we build a short trade plan on the Eur/Jpy in particular but this information was used by many of us to short all Yen pairs in a basket form, and later reload them. Using things such as the break of a range, Lower highs and Lower lows, Fibonacci pullback zones, futures market correlation, ema’s, and a bit of a backbone, we wiggled our way into a nice Yen basket that paid all the way until the New York open. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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2 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – July 14, 2010”
  1. trademonsterke says:

    super nice chris, perfect as always

  2. permanent222 says:


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