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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – October 22, 2009

Yesterday we enjoyed quite a Piptopia on the British Pound breakout of a Daily trendline to the upside. Sure enough, today was our opportunity in London to short it back down to the trendline retest. Pre-London gave us our first lower high to work with on the GBP/USD, and the 2hr EUR/GBP started developing a higher low to give us confidence in the move. The rest of the London session was spent reloading shorts at every Fibonacci pullback possible and turning a 100 or so pip move into a 250 pip play due to exponential reloads, I just love days like this, purely technical. Bad Retail Sales for Britain helped finish the job and there we were, right on our target zone to take profit, could not script it better really. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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5 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – October 22, 2009”
  1. FX582155200 says:

    Thank you Chris, as usual simple and clean explanation.

  2. progoofy says:

    Thanks trainer. FÃcil to follow and a great example of cà ³ mo to return to the load. Callahan

  3. skbmw87 says:

    Thanks for the videos, the runners are used? How much is paid by the banks of the media?

  4. echschmidt says:

    great vid tnkx chris

  5. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

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