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FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – September 30, 2010

As we started London today we started showing signs of continued USD weakness on the US Index chart, as well as a very definable price trap on the GBP/USD. These two things together caused us to zoom into the GBP/USD as it started testing the Apex of the triangle right before the London open. Sure enough a pre-London low risk entry did provide itself off of the daily central pivot point. However, if your like me and you missed that entry due to distraction or otherwise you were certainly looking for a second chance to wiggle into this trade once price made a higher high and broke the trap top. In this video I show how we ended up entering into the long GBP/USD trade in a more difficult than easy pullback ensued just after the London market open. “If at first you fail… Try Try again!” Now we find ourselves 90 pips in profit at the R2 reversal pivot point as NY opens, not too shabby. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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5 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – September 30, 2010”
  1. richco7773 says:


  2. fortuneflux says:

    Hi thanks for the video especially while the market is still running. I traded this one too and its nice to see the other reasons for entering the trade.

  3. fxbootcamp says:

    Beautiful collapse off the R2 Reversal Pivot Point at the open too =) Yummy

  4. MoreYummy says:

    R2 in day?

  5. maxdecimus88 says:

    an interesting overview . . . thanks

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