Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – November 12, 2009

Yesterday saw extremes for the year matched on multiple fronts; to wit, the USD/CHF currency pair tapped its 2009 low just north of parity, the EUR/USD and S&P 500 formed double top patterns with last month’s highs, respectively, and the US dollar index matched its 15-month low. Today, the dollar found new vigor. During the New York session, a 65-pip short trade on the euro started at overlapping sources of resistance lines, and ended at a confluence of support lines.

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4 Responses to “FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – November 12, 2009”
  1. FX582155200 says:

    Thank you Curt, very detailed explanation on Eur, nice point abut the wicks.

  2. jackmosley06 says:

    thanks a lot for the video its very informative. im a forex n0ob

  3. Swervedaplumber says:

    Good Curt video.

  4. MsDawdawdaw says:

    you are a genius !!!!!:) Nice présentation

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