Monday, March 30th, 2015


Hey everyone, this is my normal detailed market look but I wanted to get something to you in light of the significant currency moves we have seen over the last few days. I take a brief look at Cable and the Pound Yen and put together a few very conservative trend following trade plans. I also discuss some possible scenarios we could see during the London session today. Good luck!! David Pegler

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  1. sundown858 says:

    I liked the analysis but the audio was a bit choppy, as if it was being sped up.

  2. campodetrading says:

    Great thx for the heads up and watch out for a better pullback. Have a good one!!

  3. nab11 says:

    A bit of a bullet train today, but good insights as usual. Thanks!

  4. cbrsorlo says:

    great vid

  5. daniel8ish says:

    very good video but the sound is a bit bumpy, thanks for your effort

  6. rnp1thx says:

    Way too many amateurish edits here. Whats up? Censoring? Just ask David to rerecord it if it doesn’t meet specs. Why degrade his presentation? Trying to hide something? Afraid of law suites? David tries hard to explain what’s happening-hire an editor please or get better software! This is becoming obvious when average people notice!

  7. ForexHead says:

    Sorry David, I have been one of his biggest supporters, but I lost confidence in you. Today you say, “if it is short GBPUSD”, but yesterday I said something like “There is no way that the pound is cut here”! Well, I had a plan to short, but he thought the wisest made it to one side. Now, 400 + pips lower, you say “if it is short term …” He missed 400 pips profit to listen to their defined “No way I cut the pound here.” I’m going to trust my own analysis.

  8. pootmak says:

    I am sorry but I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. You seem to jump from one thing to another and everything seems like it’s at double speed.
    What was the last chart you were looking at. You were talking about the GBP/USD and then suddenly started talking about lows around 145?
    Now I see that it was GBP/JPY, but as I was watching the video, I was just confused.
    It’s obvious from comments that a lot of people like and follow you. Maybe it takes time to get used to your style.

  9. peterlaco says:

    Guys, I am folloeing David for a very long time. His track record is excellent. Do not always forten to very cerefully listen first 1 minute of his analysys. He is teaching us to think by ourself, it is not alert servis. His analysys are execellent, his way of explaining HIS!!! view of market are simple and logic and deeply professional. By the way he is much much time right than wrong. I feel very lucky and honored to listen and learn from such a excellent teacher.

  10. FX582155200 says:

    Thank you David for the analysis, although a bit fast, but as I understand you did not have a lot of time.
    One thing which you could improve upon is showing the pair and the time frame during your presentation, it would help greatly, especially when you are in a hurry.

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