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FOREX VIDEO REVIEW: London Session December 23, 2008

Considering the Holiday week we are currently within, it should not be a surprise how we find ourselves in a relatively ‘thin’ trading market. Certainly most of the big money is sidelined right now as people spend time with their families, as they should. With this in mind it is not unwise advice to protect your profits perhaps a little more aggressively than normal, and not necessarily expect incredible trend swings during the majority of this week. Opening the London session today we found ourselves in a small identifiable price trap that wicked through the top of the trap just before the London open. After a rather violent 50 pip drop after the high price bounced hard off of the 1.4800 area. In this video I highlight how from this point we put together a trade plan with a fairly high probability of success for what resulted in a 60′ish pip trade. Not a steamroller thats fro sure, but in a thin market 50 pips here 60 pips there is what it’s all about. Happy Holidays!! FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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