Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Free Income trade for 2016

This is the last trade for the year 2015. Using these option strategies and much more,  we have more than doubled our accounts in 2015.


SPX February Iron Condor posted 12/30/15  7:26 PST

Sell 5 SPX February 1900 puts

Buy 5 SPX February 1875 puts=2.00 credit


Sell 2 SPX February 2175 call

Buy 2 SPX February 2200 calls = 2.10




The call side is closed 1/14/16 7.30  PST

Buy 2 SPX February 2175 call

Sell 2 SPX February 2200 calls =.05 profit =  2.05

SPX made a dive to 1882 and we closed this early morning and took out profits. The way I trade I have 30 more days to go and would SPX stay above 1900 ? If the answer is yes and the probability is viable to you can let this thing sit there another 2- 3 weeks. Have not lost a thing only draw downs in this 200 point flush.


This is an unbalanced wide strike Iron condor for next month and due to holidays we may acquire some theta dollars.

Target is  25-50% of max profits.

Max loss is the  amount of credit received.SPX is poised to move higher but we are hedged to the downside to some extent.

Please notice you are seeing filled prices, something no one shares. There are no secrets in stock market, its the information you don’t have. I am a option specialist I trade technically, using many option strategies.

Please trade at your own risk. If you like you can use our monthly income trading by clicking below.


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