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Futures Trading and Analysis 11-14-2008

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6 Responses to “Futures Trading and Analysis 11-14-2008”
  1. TradePilotPro says:

    Do you have TradeStation Platform

  2. klinckphilip says:

    I am a futures trader. I would like a demo on what you have in this video. Thanks
    Philip 864-704-2619

  3. TradePilotPro says:

    Thank you so much, there is an old saying.

    Many a successful person have failed for lack of complement

    So it means alot !

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker

  4. Goldie1s says:

    Sorry, I miss typed your name David Dube

  5. Goldie1s says:

    Hi Joe, been in your trading room 2 days now and have got to say: INCREDABLE. Been off the paper for 8-months and your trading room is blowing my mind with it,s accuracy in calling the market moves. David Dude is a Gunius. It would be a dream come true to sit in his trading room and watch him work.

    P.S. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Joe, it is really helping me to become a better trader.

  6. Goldie1s says:

    Another great analysis. Thank You

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