Friday, April 15th, 2016

Futures Trading for Teens?

I’m 19. I, Because of the local economy, can not find a job, I Devoted Applying weeks of daily one and only scored interview, Which filled the spot got Before She Could Even recommend me. I Have Received honor roll Every year of my education and Participate in Many honors / AP courses. I say this to point out I’m motivated and intelligent for my age Rather. My question is, how viable is Futures Trading for a part time job for a teen. I’m by no means looking to make a ton of money here. I’d be happy Consistent With A halfway around what I’d pay to make at minimum wage part time job. I Have get rich WITH OPTIONS: 4 Winning Strategies by lee lowell, Which is what I’m going to focus on trading. I hear Risk options are lower, lower Consistent But more reward, if done right. Does This sound like a plausible way to make money while I’m getting ready to go to / enroll in college. Is that a joke answer? My dad trades the futures market, it does not Have a $ 100,000 minimum. Major League Baseball to you, That Does not Mean That kids can not play t-ball. Well my dad HAD an account started with $ 500, supposedly That is options trading? How Is That if? Futures and Commodities Contracts are the Same right? I want to make sure we’re all Referring to the Same time of trading.


4 Responses to “Futures Trading for Teens?”
  1. JoeyV says:

    Is this a joke? Futures contracts come in $100,000 quantities traded by professionals. You don’t have the capital or anything like the infrastructure to make this work. You will lose every penny plus more that you put into it.

  2. InspectorBudget says:

    Futures trading involves derivatives, or leverage. The premium for the put or call is what you pay, for the right to buy or sell $100,000 of currency or equivalent.

    Derivatives mean that you can lose many times what you put in – and be able to make many times what you put in as well. So the risk reward is much higher than straight trading of stock or currency.

    You normally need about $25,000 or more to be able to trade, depending on your broker’s margin requirements.

    If a trade turns against you, you may have a “margin call”, which is a request to put in more money to maintain your equity, or the broker has the right to sell your position at market, meaning that you will have a huge loss.

  3. admin says:

    Son keep your money and save it for another day.


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