Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

General Stock Market Direction is Key to Success

There are many reasons why? most? a people do not have? success in the markets. In this art? Ass let’s talk about the importance of determining the exact address? N the stock market in general. The broader market concerns? Indices burs? Tiles m? S used. This includes the S & P 500, Nasdaq, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NYSE composite. The? General indices give an indication? N approximate strength or weakness of the activity of every meeting? N of negotiation? N in general. Tambi? N you give? an indication? No new trends, emerging. The reason? N is important to know the current address? N general stock market is that about 75% of all stocks that follow. Think about the general market as a great r? Or a strong current. When you buy shares in the overall market in an uptrend, it’s like rafting on the r, or, with the current help you along. When you buy shares in the general market on a downward trend, it’s like rafting on the r? Or large, but it goes against the current. Obviously, this is much more? S dif? Cyl. The point is that the odds are much more? S in your favor, when s? You buy shares when the stock market in general is in an uptrend. An excellent way to learn about the stock market is to observe and study the main? Indexes. Next? S to acquire the necessary skill and knowledge, you be? able to recognize when the stock market in general est? changing the main points of inflexible? n. This included? To major market tops and funds. Once you can recognize when the stock market in general has passed or has bottomed, which have gained a huge advantage in the stock market and global trade better? big. The skill you will have? that learning is an? analysis of price and volume. In other words, an? Lysis t? Technician or reading gr? Traffic. Once you learn this vital skill is open? a new world for you, with respect to its trade and the investment? n race. I recommend reading, “C? To Make money in stocks” by William J. O’Neil. This is an excellent book covering all aspects of the negotiation? N in the stock market.

About the author: Hi, Gary E Kerkow, founder of Tradingmarkets4u. com. This site provides information? N to help traders and investors have? Success. I have m? S of 20 years of business experience including stocks, futures and options. Visit my website at http://www. tradingmarkets4u. com

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