Monday, October 16th, 2017

Get up in the “moning ” feeling bearish.. ?

SPX 040810Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack and hit the door…I ain’t coming back. (The word ” moning” is actually morning for all of  you spell freaks).Yes that’s what the bears do every “moning” getting up and running down the stocks for a few hours feeling empowered, till the “Pohlice shuts them down, down down !”.

In fact if you are wondering what I am writing today and if I am smoking those long cigars, this is a song from a very talented artist named $KESHA from my hometown Los Angeles,  that is shaking the airwaves as I write this.

The stock market is no different. Bears get up every morning, run this thing into the ground and than the buyers step in and shut them up, and the market stays green towards the close. There is a nice tight trading range and it barely moves in or out of it daily. The direction is still upwards in a strong uptrend. Major indexes are all locked up in a 45 degree incline from left to right and the uptrend continues, unless the yellow line in the chart is broken. The path of least resistance is up for now.

Even though Wall Street hates Obama  to the core, yet it can’t repudiate their own profits from this bull market. Why the market is is so strong and bullish? Because the economy is improving all around us. Last month Obama administration added 162,000 jobs to the recovery. That was a lot of jobs added!  There are patches of good news that’s is making the market  giddy with laughter. Those hard core bankers who threw the temper tantrum at Obama last January and sold off everything in sight,  got very very busy putting the green into their pockets hand over fist. There is so much money pouring into it from all sides and the institutional buyers are not even attempting to hide their footprints when they trade. You can see so many stocks coming out of  cup and handle patterns and blasting off on  huge volumes to the upside like AMZN, GS, BIDU, AAPL, LVS and WLT just to name  a few here.

So if you are not making money, start thinking why not? There is a way you can make consistent profits join our premium service today, do yourself a favor. This  is 2010.

PS : Here is a video of $KESHA performing the song, just in case you are interested to see who she is.

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