Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Global Market Alerts

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3 Responses to “Global Market Alerts”
  1. w0tm says:

    @bobchan111 I lost money too but not much. I’m older so too many years of spotting insanity and I saw it in Bernanke and Obama. “Keep the market moving up NO MATTER WHAT!” Irrational behavior in the trillion dollar plus category is in no technique I know of. I stuck with buying silver. Bernanke and the dollar are about to run out of gas (when the dollar stays below 76). The “party” will end and in will come the bears. Bears NEED quality tech analysis far more than bulls. WATCH BERNANKE!

  2. w0tm says:

    Good to see you back! When bottomless pockets Bernanke stops pumping up the market the value of your technical analysis will once again become recognized and followed by many. You nor anyone has encountered a market that had a trillionaire buying just to pump money into the market. No sane investor would do that. Bernanke is near the end then the crash will begin. I’ve kept my powder dry to buy FAZ long options to benefit as the market heads down Until then I’ll just wait. Stay patient!

  3. bobchan111 says:

    Why so many dislikes

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