Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Google GOOG stock trading for dummies

it starting to work

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    20 Responses to “Google GOOG stock trading for dummies”
    1. boynamedbrandon says:

      what stock websites do i start at if i only want to do short stocks in companies like starbucks and mcdonalds and tobacco companies?

    2. ramp31 says:

      can u advice me on what books i should read to learn this shit also is there any website were i can trade for free to learn to use the tools of a day trader

    3. ohio1998 says:

      Get a blower dude. That always relaxes me.

    4. dbf967 says:

      hey Krull r u on Twitter?

    5. AirelonTrading says:

      Precisely Krull. None of those companies are real. “This one is the real thing”. No doubt man.

      I’ve heard that line for 14 years.

      Tim made his wealth by shorting any stock that sends out newsletter. Penny stocks are for those that generally have no clue what’s going on …

    6. AirelonTrading says:

      They boot for ya, because penny stocks are generally the refuge of those who believe in fairy tale wealth

    7. lagoveride says:

      well you can search for CPRK in the search field of youtube for some user and company videos, but i would suggest checking out the forum that exists for it in IHUB there are some land lease owners on there who have there ear to the ground in the town. Something big is happening because with the facility finally dialed in.

    8. Mustafoinc says:

      Nice video, thanks. Hope ur not takin haters serious. Have a great Sunday and teach me something.

    9. THANOS43 says:

      relax? relax? don’t tell me to relax… ok I’ll relax

    10. THANOS43 says:

      lets talk about it..give me some info and I will track it for you

    11. ohio1998 says:

      LOL, can’t dish out shit, but can’t take it? Damn Krull, relax.

    12. lagoveride says:

      i will tell you a real penny stock with real earnings, but you will have to do your own DD on it or visit the actual site of the 60million dollar facility. check out CPRK nuff said.

    13. THANOS43 says:

      who you calling moron? assbag

    14. ohio1998 says:

      Funny, a moron on Youtube that threatens violence, but has a rug of Bob Marley on his wall! LOL!

    15. drpackinwood2 says:

      hey chitown STFU

    16. joe60606 says:

      Bots, they’re all bots.

    17. Chitownboy1023 says:

      Whats the point of that 30 second intro? seriously wtf

    18. MrBankRuns says:

      Penny Stock Pump & Dump Classic rip off the new investors.

    19. mejt223 says:




    20. ech77066 says:

      BASHER! BASHER! BANNED BASHER! That is so funny! SPNG(E) just like CMKM, ADOT, IVOT. ALL SCAMS@ The penny stock mentality I had then cost me over 30K. Fortunately I saw the light. I love your approach. I think you will be a big success soon!

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