Monday, May 23rd, 2016

$GREED never sleeps

Wall Street gathered more than $20B in bonuses in 2009 as recession plagued US

While the whole nation was quagmired in a punishing recession Walls Street was back to its old ways. After being bailed out by your taxpayer dollars, they take huge bonuses while the country still rocks under double digit unemployment.

I guess GREED never sleeps. Those Fat cats on Wall street were tuning in  huge bonuses while most of us struggled for rent money and going from pillar to post.  Life isn’t fair nor is greed. Its the single most destructive emotion known to mankind that has so much evil power to back it up, that history books are littered with it. From the early days of prehistoric  invaders to sea borne pirates to  the Wall Street the emotion of GREED has flown in perfect harmony over many centuries. Greed has killed and destroyed time and again.

Wall Street is no stranger to greed. Its a culture, its a foundation and an institution.  Few people who run this country’s financial empire, hidden and unseen to the common man. These are the same people who get very very angry when our President calls on their reckless actions and lays down the law. These are the same people whose reckless ways lead to the great financial meltdown never seen since great Depression. These are the same people who have sold off this market in January and early February being upset at new rules to their game. Many people suffered at their hands.

The game of money. How to hook it up, and how to snatch it from less fortunate people and the masses.  I see it everyday in the stock market.  They are masters in using Fear and Greed to make money.  I kid you not its not easy to be successful against them.

Before you go here is a new movie  by Michael Douglas where he plays a well known Wall Street operator, its admirable such works of art flourish, and movie makers put it down nicely. If you want to read further, here is the link to the full story

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