Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Happy new year

Happy New year to you. Lets see how 2012 goes. Last year was no bed of roses as far as trading goes. One of the most difficult years I have seen in stock market. But we still made out well. There is no doubt had we had a better stock market to trade we would have lot better. Now again I am getting into ” couldas” and ” shoudda” and that does not applies.

There were times when I had to stop trading. We sat on the side lines for nearly 4 months in total. Patience is a virtue and we have definitely earned it. So have you. The temptations are to get into a unstable market and take big losses that is what happens to most people, they haven’t earned it. Once they lose lots of money they become lot more “Street smart” or Wall Street smart should I say? Its the jobs of these institutional traders to scare your wits out and take your money. How else they will make a buck? Its a game of Greed and Fear.

I have seen bad markets and 2008 was one such market. In 2011 we saw lots of similar things, same volatility, same unstable trading, and lots of downside risks in any position. Lots of uncertainty and angst.

But our record stands tall. We hardly had any losing trades in 2011 and if things go well we can do the same this year. But you need to be patient. When it doesn’t work it doesn’t. Knowing the market pulse and how it behaves Technically is one form of superior strategy to have. The events surrounding the economy and the political dealings that cloud the trading also are important to know and to keep up with all of that at the same time is no easy task.

Daily Technical Analysis is the cornerstone of any systematic trading and profitability. Most traders have learned to trade, than they depend on others for market direction and the other person has no clue or they are not seeing things as they are.

Those who sign up for a month or two and want to see outstanding results would be dismayed by the short time frame they chose. Trading is at least a quarterly game as do the fund managers and Hedge funds and professionals. They don’t measure results month to month neither should you. It often takes a quarter to see all the profit and losses. What if the market is not trade able for 6 weeks as it happened in 2011 several times? Cancel the membership and save? Than you will be risking going out and doing on your own, and lose big time, and all the savings are gone down the drain. Meanwhile we are here sitting on the sidelines in the most powerful position known as CASH and sipping a Martini on the deck and brushing our pants removing tiny bits of lint…

So keeping the powder dry is often an edge when the time is right we have lot more ammo to fire with. So with these thoughts and lets see we can do better and have a better economy and better stock market..


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  1. Happy new year to all and lets hope all the worst of 2011 will not repeat itself in 2012.


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