Friday, May 20th, 2016

“Harmonic’ Stock Trading Secrets Revealed

Pro trader Mark Gordon reveals the secrets that Wall St. traders use in this informative tutorial. Learn to trade using instruments and not off the advice of friends, relatives, or Jim Cramer. More at

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10 Responses to ““Harmonic’ Stock Trading Secrets Revealed”
  1. andreyb2010 says:

    tradestation 8.7 forex data feed free download – w w w.

  2. Lafraim says:

    professionals tell us how you can earn.
    from whom you can take profits? from professionals?
    professionals earn? from whom they take a profit?

  3. AntiPsychopath says:

    Choppy markets have always some trend at some time point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AntiPsychopath says:

    Sounds very sound to me!! KISS….its the way to go.

  5. neo1neo2neo3 says:

    hey may i know the settings or perimeters for the stochastics and bollinger bands?

  6. yanjiaren says:

    I lie Bollinger bands but I want to see your trnelines too..Good vid.

  7. tvdownloads says:

    an MA cross method, filtered with stochastics and exit on a bolinger band BOY im sure every trader on wallstreet is just waiting for that sweet MA cross.

    Total BS

  8. goldenticker says:

    You can use this method to help your options timing.

  9. vladimir4055 says:

    Do you trade options also?

  10. vladimir4055 says:

    I like that Bollinger Bands

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