Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Has anyone bought the ibankinsider options trading ebook?

I want to know if the electronic book? Nico actually tells you the secrets of information? No insider trading options. As I am a rookie in options trading this ebook looks impressive, but no s? how good it is. If the recommended strategies too complicated for a new investor?


2 Responses to “Has anyone bought the ibankinsider options trading ebook?”
  1. Ted says:

    It’s not complicated. There are many books out there that try to make it sound complicated so that they can sell you “the Secret”. There is no secret. It takes commitment to doing your homework. There are a lot of good books in book stores and at the library.

    Look at how people who are actually successful make money:

  2. timleelawrence says:

    Three months ago I bought the ibankinsider options kit. It covered a lot of basics to intermediary level stuff. I find the strategies recommended too simple, but then I have a BSc in mathematics and have been working as a research analyst for a hedge fund for 6 years.

    There is a section in the guide about discovering mispriced assets for arbitrage, that is the only really complicated bit. In fact, I have made a bit of money using that strategy. If you are new to options trading the guide should be fine. Overall I’m happy with it.

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