Friday, June 24th, 2016

Has anyone else been taken by Income Strategies Institute?

Income Strategies Institute (ISI) is organizing seminars on investment – stock market, real estate, and internet businesses. I attended a seminar offered intelligence to educate and train successful negotiations in the stock market and options, through seminars and other materials. His spokesman was very motivating and I bought her a bronze workshop program provided me webinars, seminars and learning materials for stock trading and options. This has cost me $ 8,015 at this point. 00. I received two poorly written manuals (these manuals seem to contain material plagerized – notations or credits not given to anyone and no copyright in the manuals), attended two seminars, two seminars and two-day workshop on these matters. Instructors of webinars promised notes emailed to students on a day or two. In its place, took a week + and seminars were worse! I found everything I had gained ISI was available online or from other sources for free! ISI did not refund my money when asked!

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  1. waseem khan says:

    see this blog they have huge info related to your ques..


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