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I am a novice trader of options and forex. I’m in the process of learning all I can from several places online and have only come up with some that are really worth my time. The two that are currently used to learn stock options trading. com, where I am currently enrolled in a training class and babypips options. com, where I am learning about trading web divisas.Me Smiths met Christopher, theoptionsclub. com and was intrigued to its strategy. I’ve emailed twice with no response, so I was wondering if anyone has used his method or at least direct me to someone who can teach me what I am anxious to know. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Has anyone used THEOPTIONSCLUB.COM?”
  1. zman492 says:

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    After I found the site (the URL should be without an “s” in it) and poked around a little bit I have no idea what his strategy is. About the only thing that I got from his introductory video is that you need to monitor the greeks. That is true, but it also something that just about any option trader already knows. It is true regardless of the strategy you are using.

    I see he got Don Sheridan as a guest speaker. Don Sheridan at least actually understands options trading sell, but every presentation I have seen him make is partially an advertisement for OptionVue software. I hae no idea how well Christopher Smith understands options, but it looks like he has little formal training in them.

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    My recommendation for learning about options is to start with the free educational material at


    which will get you through the basics. Also, since much of it is self-paced to can get through the parts you already know quickly.

    Once you have done that I suggest you read at least one good book about options. My favorites are

    Option Volatility & Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg


    Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence McMillan.

  2. James says:

    Since you are a beginner, you really should strive to understand how options work and all of its pitfalls and strategies before you go around begging “gurus” for help. One great place to start learning every options strategy ever conceived in the world FOR FREE is . Finish learning the stuffs on that site before deciding if you need a “guru’s” help after that.

  3. RAVI says:

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