Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

heistLAB: thinkorswim Mobile trading app for Android video review (on HTC EVO 4G) – ThinkorSwim (ToS) mobile trading application for the Android platform is a great way to trade your stocks and options on the go. It’s extremely user friendly but still has a lot of features that enable the “mobile trader” to invest on the go. This app is almost identical to the thinkorswim iSwim iPhone app, but with a few extra features and capabilities. Overall, ToS mobile platform is a great trading platform for those who need to trade when there’s no Internet and no laptop around. Understandably, we all can’t man up our 10-monitor stations all the time, so in the cases where these conditions present themselves, ToS mobile trading platform is one of the best out there for the Android platform today.


5 Responses to “heistLAB: thinkorswim Mobile trading app for Android video review (on HTC EVO 4G)”
  1. marketHEIST says:

    @lvngdead glad it helped.

    From our tests, it was nearly identical to the iPhone iSwim app by thinkorswim. Only difference is the android app allows landscape-mode widescreen charts and options chains.

  2. marketHEIST says:

    @redballyou on your android phone, just go into the android apps marketplace and search for “thinkorswim”

  3. redballyou says:

    where did you get this application from, they don’t advertise it on their website

  4. lvngdead says:

    thanks for the video.

    i was wondering what the thinkorswim mobile looked like.

  5. BobBrinkerisanIdiot says:

    What do you think about the Yuan as an investment?

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